Thursday 5 February 2015

Working on a Photo shoot

I want to begin by saying that this was amazing to be a part of. My job was to manage the social media accounts for the day and to take pictures of everything going on behind the scenes - from food ordered for the lunch break to the lighting and equipment used. That meant I could photograph the various stages of hair and makeup being done, which I found most interesting of all. I am pretty sure there was more makeup in that one room than there is in the rest of London! There were brands I had never even seen before and, on the whole, I picked up so many new tips from the four makeup artists purely through observation. However, in no way whatsoever am I saying that this wasn't a challenge, trust me it was. 

Most of the time, behind the ten big bright studio lights, the lighting was dim and there was so much action, it was hard to know in which direction to point my camera... and the makeup artists weren't slow. Brushes flitted around faces transforming the models in a matter of seconds. It was incredible! The whole day just seemed like a blur of different people and sets of more eye-shadows or foundation. Each and every one of the models acted so naturally in front of the camera even though it was the first time modelling for many of them. The atmosphere was great as well; everyone was so supportive of each other and so nice to be around.

At the end of the day I even got the opportunity to get my own makeup done. I was super excited because this lady had done makeup for the Harry Potter and Tomb Raider films. Being a huge Harry Potter fan myself, I just loved it. My eyes were gold with black eyeliner. 

The photos were to be used in a book, which offers beauty advice for those fighting cancer. Each model had encountered cancer personally and each member behind the scenes was a volunteer, spending a day of their time to help out. I will  include the link at the bottom of this post if you would like to look at the book itself.

Click HERE to view Part 2.

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