Friday 1 July 2016

Leaving High School

I am not even sure where to begin with this post, I don't think I have ever written about a more significant change or life event so far on my blog than this. My posts seem to be about more light hearted and less meaningful occurrences and they veer away from any emotional moments that I could mention. Honestly, I have enjoyed year eleven more than I can even say. I have become close to so many more people and it makes me so sad to think that I will no longer be able to spend all of my weekdays with the people that have managed to make me so frequently cry with laughter. I regret nothing that has happened in the last ten months (except, perhaps, not revising a little more) and I don't think there has ever been a period of time in my life where I have laughed more.

Every morning of the past year has started similarly, with being late usually, and having to speed walk to school. My friend Bridie would come over and make my lunch and very soon her, her younger sister Niamh and my sisters became almost a team, that were dedicated to getting me out of the door before five to nine, which was the target time for us. Living close to school was convenient because people could come over for lunch and we would have somewhere to go for thirty minutes or so, people could also come over when I had days off and they would have lunch with me. This was never a bad thing and I wasn't disappointed on the days where I expected only two or three friends to come over and closer to ten people arrived. I will miss so many people so much, everyone in my class and anyone that I shared inside jokes with. There aren't really enough photos here to constitute a decent blogpost, to demonstrate how much I will miss people and to show how close our year was as a whole. I'm really looking forward to going to prom and seeing them all again.