Tuesday 22 January 2019

Elemis Sweet Orchid Body Cream

This Elemis Sweet Orchid Body Cream is actually the first thing I have reviewed since starting university. Perhaps this is because it is one of the few products which I can slot effortlessly into my skincare routine in this new very fast-paced lifestyle. Although the instructions say to massage into cleansed skin, I find it super convenient for use straight after the shower at the gym. The product has a thin consistency which is absorbed very quickly by the skin, so that I do not feel at all sticky when putting my clothes on. Especially after a more intense work-out, when my body feels absolutely exhausted, I feel that applying this moisturiser helps me to feel healthy and re-vitalised. Taking a couple of minutes to sit down and do more than my usual facial skincare routine, is such a good method of relaxation. It can really make a difference to your day when everything else seems so hectic. There's something about exercising, showering, and then moisturising which makes you feel as though you are properly attending to your body.

I particularly like the Sweet Orchid Body Cream as it smells simply delicious. Living in a city, it is nice to have a light, sweet fragrance to make you feel just that little bit fresher. It is great that Elemis has created such a scent, yet maintained a high quality, ensuring that their moisturiser does not smell too synthetic or unnatural. In addition, the cream itself is very hydrating. The difference is definitely visible after applying: My skin has a little extra glow and a smoother texture. For a longer term effect however, I would recommend using this daily rather than just a few times a week.

It is definitely at the more expensive end of the scale, priced at about £27.00 for 200ml, however I consider Elemis to be a high-end brand which is nourishing and gentle, even on my sensitive skin. A little bit goes a long way and I anticipate that I will still be using this same tube in a few months time.