Friday 27 February 2015

BsaB Soy Wax Lemongrass Candle ǀ Review

I think this is really cute. I love that the candle is in a coconut rather than just an ordinary glass jar because, it's a nice idea that makes it seem natural even before you've read the ingredients. When lit, it smells so good. It isn't a really an overwhelming or obvious smell, instead it has a subtle but fragrant scent that cannot be considered distracting. In it's box there is a small stand for it that works upside down also, so you can almost customise how the candle looks, choosing how you like it best. The Soy Wax makes it slow burning so it will last you a lot longer. 

I tested if it floats on water in the sink and it just about does. I guess you could put this in the bath with you if you wanted however, I imagine you'd have to be very still and very careful of the flame! You could take it out after five minutes trying to get an Instagram-worthy pic. I'm too scared to give that a go (or put fire anywhere near my bath) because my friend once told me about a time she tried to have a relaxing, candle lit bath. She'd put candles around all of the sides and, without thinking leant back putting out the flame with her hair. It still makes me cry laughing just thinking about her chilling there, hearing a little sizzling noise and how alarming that would have been. Since then I have avoided that particular idea. If I was going to burn my hair on any candle, I have decided that this is the candle I would want it to be: it smells great, looks great and has a really individual and cute design.

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  1. Hey Keating! I really like BsaB as well! Have you tried their other candles or diffusers?
    I have just reviewed one of their glass tumbler candles on my blog: and was considering purchasing this coconut one next - would you say it's scent is citrusy only or also fresh and earthy, like reall lemongrass? Cheers!