Sunday 8 November 2015

My Summer in Snapchats ǀ 2015

I realise that it has to have been hard for the people that have tried to keep up with and read every single post of mine over the summer (thank you, by the way, if that's you!), therefore I have decided to combine them all together and make it all a lot more simple. This way you can choose which posts you may be interested in by looking at the photos - you don't have to read each of them one by one. 

Here are some of the snapchats I took whilst away, I tried to take a few in each place but I definitely took more in some places than in others. You can see which photo is from where by clicking on it and reading about that country. I hope this just sums it all up and makes it a bit easier. I know it is really late to be uploading this and I apologise if you are currently looking at these photos with rain pouring down the windows... I guess we can all reminisce about summer together and maybe start listening to christmas songs too whilst we're at it.

If you'd like to add my snapchat then my username is keatingmary .