Friday 20 February 2015

An African Experience

Having arrived back from Spain only yesterday, I went out today on an 'African Experience'. This basically consisted of me and my sister being allowed to go into the enclosures of animals, learning about each species and getting to hold and stroke them. We fed Lemurs, held Meerkats, which crawled up the back of my coat and sat in my hood, then proceeded to meet a friendly little Serval, have a Caracal on our laps and then to finally take a look at two giant tortoises. All of the animals were very cute but my favourite were the Lemurs because I was able to feed them. As I posted about this the day it happened, you can tell I had a good time however, if you would like to stay even more up to date, then feel free to add me on snapchat (my username is keatingmary)

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