Tuesday 20 October 2015

Croatia ǀ 2015

I don't really want to write about the place in Croatia that I spend most of my time because I swear down if any more English people join the Croatia squad we have going, it will be like Benidorm. It doesn't need more advertising because despite being the most beautiful place on the planet, I already know half the people there! But, then again, that may be why I love it so much. Instead I will just write about my highlights and annotate some of my favourite photos. One thing I love about coming here every year is being able to see everyone again; I feel like I know almost as many people here as I do in England. There is Emma, Matthew, Ella, Marcel, Grace, Scarlet, Libby, Lola, Ben and my sisters, so there is always something to do.

There are probably loads more photos that I've taken and haven't even looked at yet but, more than two months after actually going to Croatia, it is about time I just upload this. When I look through these I think there is so much more to show than the things below. Although you do get a sense of just how perfect it is, there are so many elements of Croatia you're missing. I guess that's okay though because I will more than likely be returning here next year and blogging about that also.

Some of my favourite things to do here are wakeboarding and windsurfing. Another tradition is playing pool at the beach bar (which I am awful at by the way) and every year we also always have a midnight swim. The tide goes really far out so its very shallow and we all go swimming in the dark for a bit. I really hope I can come here over the summer next year, even if it is only for a little while; it's a lot of fun and a very chilled holiday in a very beautiful place. I'm sorry for all the pictures of sunsets; they were just too pretty to leave out of this.

My beautiful little sister Iona.

Emma and Mathew

My side hoe Ella.

I think this is my favourite action shot of the holiday - Ben pushing Marcel into the water.  

I think wakeboarding may of had to been the best part for me. I can't even describe how much easier it is when you do it from the back of a boat rather than on a cable. I loved it. Even the boat ride was good.
I remember this was at about 6am or something on the day we left.