Friday, 23 January 2015

Pacifica California Star Jasmine Perfume ǀ Review

Yet again, this is another review that was due about ten months ago. This is the Pacifica California Star Jasmine Perfume Roll-on. First of all I feel that I need to comment on the beautiful packaging which was what initially grabbed my attention. I love the general colour scheme combined with the funky patterns. I just feel like the branding of the product as a whole, really works. Once I had gotten past all of that, the side of the box told me that it is one hundred percent vegan and cruelty free, which I generally try to look out for when selecting cosmetics. This was an excellent start.

The smell of this (also according to the side of the box) is Star Jasmine, Orange and faint Driftwood notes. Despite the fact that this is on my wrists as I'm typing this, I can easily visualise this scent on the beach. It just has that calm and refreshing edge to it. The fragrance is sweet but not synthetic smelling and it has quite a natural aura. I would particularly recommend it for the sunnier seasons.

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