Thursday 20 July 2017

The 5 Best Things about Halong Bay

Before the difficulties of a Maths A-Level hit me like a truck, I was really looking forward to writing about this trip. Although I go to many holidays where I explore a city, or go sight seeing, this kind of holiday really stands out when I come to blog about it later. There is something inexplicably fascinating about the views that nature has created rather than man. In case anyone gets the chance to visit Halong Bay (which you should definitely take should it arise), I have listed some of my favourite things to look forward to.

1. The Views
This one seems so obvious that I feel silly writing it down. Of course the views are one of Halong Bay's main attractions, the giant rocks are what make it recognisable! The scenery is so different and unique to this part of the world - it truly is incredible. Nowhere else could you imagine anything like it. I have had the best bedroom window view I will ever have in my life, waking up to close-up rocks gliding slowly by. 

2. The Activities
Despite being in such a tranquil environment, there were so many activities we participated in. We visited a pearl farm, were taken around in boats rowed by locals, went to a beach to play beach volleyball, went inside a cave, had a rooftop boat party and had a vietnamese cookery course. All of which were equally exciting but each very different. I enjoyed the cookery course and being in the small rowing boats particularly, simply because it was so unusual in its own respect.

3. The Squid Fishing
Technically this could be put under my second point, as it was an activity, the only difference was that it wasn't a group one and we didn't take part. I included it because it was just so funny. I'm not sure if you've seen squid fishing in action before but just know that it appears to be way more flamboyant than normal fishing. Maybe it was just on our cruise that they flailed the sticks around crazily, I don't know. All I do know is that me and my mum couldn't stop laughing.

4. The Food
I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before but I am an embarrassingly fussy eater. It is not unusual for me to go out and dislike the majority of a menu, therefore I was very happy that I ate something really nice for every meal with Viola Cruise. As I'm vegetarian our table got double the normal amount of food and such a variety. I had to have help to even eat half of it. Everything was presented amazingly too.

5. The People
This has great potential to be the best thing about it. Firstly the people from Viola Cruise were so friendly and helpful. They did a lot to ensure absolutely everyone enjoyed every element of the trip. We also met and Australian lady who travelled with us and had a lot of fun with her and a couple from Dubai who were hilarious.