Sunday 7 May 2017

The 'Happiness' Lush Gift Set

The 'Happiness' Lush Gift Set
I'm aware that usually I write more in depth about products I have tried out and, more recently, that seems to be the case. For this post however, I didn't find it entirely necessary to draw out my explanations, I just kept it concise and to the point, writing down my initial reactions and honest opinions. I hope you don't mind having slightly less detail, for fairly simplistic products it is difficult to write a lot anyway.

Brightside Bubble Bar mini

I enjoyed this a lot. It isn't like a bath bomb, it doesn't really explode in the bath but it crumbles instead. I put it all in at once and the smell was absolutely divine. I had smooth skin for a while after using and it's something I would recommend getting if you are stressed and in need of some relaxation. I find that the citrus smell always makes me so much happier. This was just perfect.

Bohemian Soap

It's soap. What can you say? It does it's job, it washes my hands and I find it useful. My favourite thing about it is the smell, the citrus which consistently seems to recur throughout this post. If you are looking for a very high quality and more luxurious alternative to your basic supermarket brand soap, then this is an easy solution. It smells of happiness and lasts for a while.

Yuzu and Coca shower cream

I really like this, it is something I could live without but to be honest I'd rather not. It is like some kind of soap whilst being a cream at the same time, it moisturises really effectively in the shower but still produces bubbles. I find that if I use this, put on fresh pajamas and climb into a bed of clean sheets, I feel so calm and smooth, all clean just lying there smelling of lemons. It's a very nice way to end the day.

Yoga Bomb

This is yet another brilliant lush bath bomb. It fizzes around in the bath, leaves you smooth and also slightly sparkly. It. is. great. I expected it to be orange to the core, reasonably plain and quite uneventful but it wasn't at all. Brighter colours were at the centre (as seen in the photo below) and that I found, to be a great surprise. It's a very cute addition to the bath tub.