Sunday 22 February 2015

Granada, Spain ǀ 2015

During my time in Spain, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Granada for a day, as well as spending a lot of time in Malaga. There were several things I enjoyed about this trip, firstly the view. I couldn't stand far back enough to get it all in shot but, there were mountains and a city, as well as a castle in sight. If we had of stayed longer, a picture of the sunset over it all would have been amazing. 

We (me and my friend Clare) travelled via a Coach to get there which, was great because each seat had its own TV. There were two films available in English: 'Frozen' and what I originally thought was 'Friends with Ben', which I imagined would be about a lonely kid who gets his life changed at high school or something. I clicked on it and as it transpired 'Friends with Ben' is actually short for 'Friends with Benefits'. This was quite difficult to explain to those sitting on the rows behind me getting various glimpses over my shoulder of naked arses. At this stage I should probably point out I was sitting at the very front of the entire coach. Awkward.

It was pancake day so we had pancakes ("You don't say!"). We stopped at a little tea shop that was decorated in a really lovely way. It was dimly lit, had only lantern and candle light to see by. I thought it had a really nice smell  which I assumed at the time to be some kind of incense but actually transpired to be the other people in the room smoking weed... oops. The pancakes did taste nice though! Granada was filled with funny moments like this, even walking the cobbled streets in my clunky shoes I'd give Clare's parents a heart attack every five minuets as I fell over.

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