Friday, 28 August 2015

Zadar, Croatia ǀ 2015

This was interesting because although we go to Croatia often, we normally visit the same general area. On the few occasions that I have been to Zadar I went camping and didn't really see Zadar as the country; I only saw it as the inside of a nice campsite in a place in Nin which was fairly close. Last year, without planning it, we coincidentally saw our cousins at  this campsite on my mum's birthday which was good because it meant we could go swimming together and things.

However, visiting this year, we stayed in an apartment arriving late and  going into town in the evening. It was quite a trek to get there but it was fun once we arrived. Everything was so lively, every bar I passed blared out different party music, there was even some kind of acrobatic performance going on in what I assume was the town centre. Despite the stifling heat and my decision to wear leggings, I was happy to be there.

I thought the best bit was when we sat along some steps alongside the sea and could hear where the waves were gushing in and out of some sort of built in organ I couldn't see. It played a really relaxing tune which was so cool. I just wanted to dive in.

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