Sunday 16 August 2015

Postojnska Cave, Slovenia ǀ 2015

I find that sometimes when you travel a lot you become more accustomed to seeing incredible things. So when you do come across something truly spectacular, although you appreciate it, you aren't necessarily surprised by it and I think that to really feel amazed by something, you can't be expecting it. I hope that makes sense. What I am trying to convey is that when I say on here that I find things amazing I really mean it: the caves were amazing.

Last time I went  here was long ago enough so that my memories are very brief and of little detail. The first thing we did was go inside a smaller cave full of glass tanks of animals typically found in the cave, then we entered the bigger part by a little train ride which was surprisingly fast and reminded me of the scene from gringotts in the last Harry Potter.

There is so much that you can't see from the  photos; you can't see how surprisingly low or high the ceiling was at times, or the sheer size of the place, or how dark or light it was and even the colours are not captured very well in the dim lighting. It looks very different in the flesh so if you get the opportunity to go here, don't waste it.

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