Sunday 13 September 2015

Bled, Slovenia ǀ 2015

We stopped here after Ljubijana on the way back from Croatia and on our way to Munich. I didn't want to blog about either of those places twice in one year though because I felt that would feel a bit too repetitive and they would be almost identical to the last ones I wrote (click HERE and HERE). 

I think the very first thing I noticed about Bled was how beautiful it was. There was a huge blue lake with little rowing boats and with an island with a church on in the middle. There were mountains in the distance and green trees everywhere. I really want to know what it looks like in winter too because I think that would also be beautiful when there's snow everywhere and the lake is frozen over.

Whilst we were here it seemed so peaceful. I doubt anyone would be allowed to wakeboard or waterskii here. The only activities were sunbathing, swimming, visiting the island or getting a drink at the multiple cafes dotted around.

I like to take photos of other people when they aren't aware; I  think it is the only way to capture a natural moment like this. I always notice that babies are so much more photogenic because they aren't self-conscious at all so, I reckon that when I take photos from a distance, or without people noticing me, then they turn out a lot better.

I took this photo because I thought it was incredible that I could drive for a little bit and then open the car door to such a new and spectacular view.

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