Saturday 5 September 2015

Korčula, Croatia ǀ 2015

During our stay in Croatia we came here twice: the first time in the evening which was when I took photos on my camera and then once for breakfast. The first visit was fairly uneventful but we were able to see all of the markets along the sea and see the yachts all lit up. The breakfast visit was more fun in my opinion because we did more. We came as a spur of the moment idea and thought we could just get the ferry across to Korčula. After maybe last year or the year before, I've learnt not to stick my head out of the boat window if you want to stay dry... but that is a whole other story.

When looking around I came across a jewel encrusted hat saying BOY across the front and took a picture in it for a joke but I actually wish I'd bought it. Backward, shiny hats aren't something you can ever wear in England however in Croatia  quite a few windsurfers have them but, then again, maybe you have to actually be good at windsurfing to look cool in one. I should probably save that idea until at least next year. 

Another thing that happened was it being so hot that I couldn't bear to keep my tights on, Iona had already reported back to me that the toilet queue was really long, so I just had to strip them off on the side of the road. Yolo I guess? Almost instantly after successfully accomplishing that, it started to rain heavily. We had to shelter with our ice creams under a roof before making a dash back to the ferry again.

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