Monday, 7 September 2015

Climbing Sveti Ilija, Croatia ǀ 2015

After experiencing last year what its like to run out of water when you're stuck on a mountain in the sun, we decided to carry a lot more supplies with us this year. In comparison to our friend Jamie who came with us, we seemed to be a little over-prepared; he went with only three hours sleep, a hangover and a stale doughnut.

To avoid the sun we had to wake up at five o'clock and set off at six. We reached the top of the mountain by about half past nine. The view was a lot better last year though. It was too misty to make out that much this time but before the sky was so blue and clear that we could see over the top of surrounding islands to even more places. If I can find any pictures of that from last time, I'll add them.

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