Friday 17 July 2015

Llandudno, Snowdonia & Trefriw, Wales ǀ 2015

My first regret of this little adventure is not bringing my camera with me. I thought it would be too difficult to haul around with me on this trip but once I'd arrived and been on a walk I realised that it would probably have been worth it. This is just a little scrapbook instead, of photos I took on my phone or on my tiny underwater camera and, a few that I've sourced from the friends that came with me.

I really enjoyed this trip. There were only seven people that signed up for it so we had a nice little group and we were really close by the end of the holiday. We were supposed to leave at ten thirty on Monday but the bus was about two hours late so I got my sleeping bag out and lay on the floor to wait for it. When we eventually arrived we went straight out for a walk and it was at this stage that I started to regret not taking my camera with me. It was so pretty. The route was through a forest and down a pretty much vertical rocky slope to a lake. Everything was so green and rays of sunlight shone through the trees, I think the fact that there was no one else there made it feel even better (even though I did get stuck in a tree). The photos don't do it justice. 

The next day we did rock climbing which was so hard because I am not a heights person. I have done it before though on rock walls so I could already belay and knew how the harness worked etc., it was just the actual climbing I had an issue with. Afterwards we did a gorge walk which was basically all of us scaling waterfalls which was so much fun because I think we all fell in at some point. We didn't see anyone else trying to navigate it; again it was pretty deserted.

On Wednesday we climbed Snowdon and went to Llandudno before packing and travelling back on Thursday. I think on a bad day I wouldn't have liked going up Snowdon because it took a lot of effort and a long time but, I was feeling really happy all day so I was able to keep going and appreciate the views. Aside from the gorge walk, I think Llandudno had to be my favourite part. Straight after spending six hours slipping on rocks and stumbling up and tumbling down the mountain, we went to Llandudno and had chips. We also attempted a game of volley ball but as few of us could actually throw/catch our record was only seven touches. We also played football and drew with five goals each (although there is still an ongoing debate/argument about that). I scored about three but I don't really know what I was doing for the rest of the time. The final thing we did was get Ice cream and then returned to the house.

On the whole I think this was amazing; we never had a spare moment and we all got on really well, it just seemed like a week full of funny moments.

Me and my pet periscope.
I had to snap the branch off to get it out of my hair

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