Thursday 23 July 2015

Road Trips // Blogs for August

I think that I need to explain in advance the things that I will most likely be uploading next month. For most of August me and my family will be driving to and back from Croatia, which will be the final destination. Along the way we'll stop off at different places but this is usually very spontaneous; we have the general route and direction in mind but where stay, or in which country, isn't always determined until the last minuet. In short: I don't really know for definite the countries I'll write about but I can guarantee at least one from Croatia. I have the vague outline of where we will be going but I don't know where we stay; one post may be 'Breakfast in Germany' or it could be 'An afternoon in France'. I really don't know. I'm not even sure if we will stay in many places this time. It is entirely unpredictable. 

I haven't been posting a lot here anyway recently and I'll try and make up for that over the next few weeks. For some entries it might just be photos with minimal explanation because I didn't stay long but, I will try my best to do a post for every country. The holiday still needs to be a holiday though; it does take quite a bit of effort to pull all of this together so, if feels like it is becoming a big task then I will stop. I want to blog whilst enjoying myself and although I have managed to do those things simultaneously and easily so far, I don't want to be stopping for photos everywhere I go. I love this holiday a lot and  I just think it is so amazing how me and my sisters and Sadie dog can all get to so many places. I wouldn't write about this time if I didn't consider it so special.

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