Saturday 25 July 2015

London and Miss Saigon

This post is bound to be rushed because after arriving back from London today, I am starting to travel to Croatia tomorrow. It always seems like I am doing something until late the night before I leave England. This was not something I would ever have missed though, regardless of where I am going the next morning. That isn't an exaggeration; I still haven't packed for this six week holiday yet...

Me and my friends: Clare and Imogen took the train at quarter past seven, arrived in Euston for around nine and, then went shopping in the Covert Gardens/Regent Street/Oxford Street area (with the occasional break for food and cupcakes) and nipping unashamedly into Hamley's for a disproportionate amount of time. I thought this was fun despite only spending seven pounds in all of that time, excluding a new pair of school shoes. It was nice just to walk around and have a good catch up before going to the theatre.

Miss Saigon may have been the best bit of the day but I'm not sure because all of it was so good. Unlike Matilda or Billy Elliot which I have blogged about seeing, this show was a lot more adult and that was evident right from the start. Although I found it interesting, it is not like the others where I will be downloading all of the catchy songs and playing them repeatedly. Don't get me wrong: they were still amazing and heartfelt and brilliant but, the majority were more storytelling songs than individual meaningful ones; they all blended together to create a masterpiece instead.

For the first half, before the interval, it was more like a build up. It felt like I was just waiting for something to happen but afterwards I was far from disappointed. It was incredible. I left sobbing at the very sudden and dramatic ending. When they took the bows and tried to lighten the mood a bit, I just couldn't flick back to just being okay. It took me a good while (and a meal in a cafe on China Town where we had a great time accidentally using chopsticks as catapults) to get over it. It was definitely an experience to have.

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