Tuesday 24 March 2015

Memories March: Sea World & Discovery Cove

Since I promised on Twitter that I would make up for the time that I haven't been able to blog, I have uploaded again today. I probably will do every day until the end of this month, just so I can try and squeeze in some extra posts that you'd otherwise miss out on. Today I decided to blog about two adventures: Sea World and Discovery Cove. This post will be split into two sections to say a little bit about each thing that happened. Don't expect all of my 'Memories March' posts to be as long as they have been so far; I doubt I will be able to keep it up much longer.

Sea World

Like Discovery Cove, this was located somewhere in America. I am aware that 'amazing' is probably an over used word on this site but, trust me, sometimes there is no over way to describe some of the experiences I write about. Sea World was amazing. As ever, to see any of the pictures in more detail just click on it and it will enlarge.

The shows put on at Sea World were so much fun to watch. There we shows where Shamu, the killer whale, would jump out of the water and splash the crowd, there was a Seal Show on a set up pirate ship and seals acted out some of the characters and there was a bird show where tropical birds would fly out over the crowds. It was great! Sea World had roller coasters that were so fun, it was at Sea World where I persuaded Pia to go on her first roller coaster ever. The best part was the sting rays swimming in circles in a shallow pool. You could stroke their backs as they went by or buy some stingray food and feed it to them. You'd hold your hand out under the water and a stingray would come along and nibble it off. If you ordered a kids dessert in one of the restaurants, you got it in a little plastic Shamu bowl which I am pretty sure I still have. Whilst there we also got the opportunity to stroke and meet penguins and sharks and saw a Polar Bear. Someone take me back!

Discovery Cove
Surprisingly, I don't have that many memories of Discovery Cove, a lot of them are triggered by the (millions of) photos below, and all of them are good. It was such a good place. Funky-looking birds just roamed free, there were stingrays swimming in the same swimming pool as you and a sand beach as well. I think I even got to hold a bird! I don't recall this but, Pia said I was scared of it which you can definitely see in the picture. At this place Pia swam with a dolphin and there's a sweet picture of her kissing a dolphin. I haven't included it because I can't find it (but if I do I promise I'll update this). The water slide was a bit like a pathway of water you could follow under bridges with animals at the sides and through water falls. There was also one where you could glide through on a rubber ring. It was so much fun! We had to wear dolphin-friendly sun cream.


update: I feel after reading a few of your comments on google+ that I need to point out that I believe that sometimes it is best for dolphins to belong in the wild. I am not going to lie; I did think that Sea World and Discovery Cove were really fun experiences. However once, when I was in Croatia, I saw a dolphin jumping through the waves really close to me and it truly was the most incredibly thing ever. I know I write about all of the great times we have on here but, I don't think any moment compared with my amazement at that point. I can remember the way I felt so vividly. It was a brief experience but it was so close I could touch it and everyone ran along the beach as it swam.  

If you would like to help the dolphins in captivity and to find out more information, go to:
It is so easy for you to help, just add your name to the petition.


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