Monday 30 March 2015

Memories March: Safari & Feeding Giraffes

My most vivid memory from this experience has to be Pia posing for a photo holding the lettuce we would be feeding to the giraffe then, the giraffe leaning over her and gobbling it up. I really don't want this post to be too long seeming as these Memories March posts have been the longest uploads I have ever written. I'm trying not to be so boring so, (I'm sure I'm repeating myself here) I will try to keep it really short.

I can't really remember where about we did this but I do know it was in America, possibly Busch Gardens. We were in the back of the truck getting a tour of some of the animals there. We had lettuce in the front to feed the giraffes with. It was really cool because it felt like we were the ones in the cage and the giraffes were the ones looking at us. We had photos taken by a professional photographer and we got to view them at the end, I lost them though. Dammit. I do have some we took but there aren't nearly as good. I guess that's all your getting for now! View them below.

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