Sunday 11 January 2015

Afternoon Tea at Flemings Mayfair

I love coming here. The atmosphere is lovely and everyone is so polite and welcoming. I have only been to this hotel once before this and both visits have been equally as pleasant. On Boxing Day my family and I went up to London and had afternoon tea (well doesn't that sound posh?). Imagine it now. All of us sitting with perfect posture offering tea and jam in that polite and civilised manner, in a very beautiful and quiet surrounding. Then my sister, Pia, drops what sounded like a brick and may actually have been a scone, off one of the cake stands where it crashes into the table before tumbling to the floor, leaving a little mushroom cloud of icing sugar to mark the crime scene. From the noise it made I am surprised there wasn't a dent in the table (or an earthquake for that matter). It was the funniet thing.

I think the photos can describe that environment far more effectively than I could. It really was a nice few hours, despite the minor scone throwing incident, and I would love to go back.