Wednesday 22 February 2017

Lush Products to Try This Year

Foot Soak and Fancy Free
To be honest I expected this to be a little more like a bath bomb than it was. After filling a big tub with warm water, I dropped it in only for nothing to happen. Eventually it did sort of dissolve to form a less than appealing sight of murky water with floating bits in. Perhaps that's the price to pay for natural products. I feel it would be helpful if lush added a "How to Use" section to their website with more precise directions because I can never tell simple things like how much I need per use of things. The outcome was very good though, I soaked my feet for about forty minuets and they were softer after. I found that the most effective outcome was achieved when I used a pumice stone after taking my feet out. My overall opinion of this is that it was worth getting.

The Rough with the Smooth Body Scrub
Exfoliator is something I have blogged about before, highlighting the benefits and importance of it. I consider it to be an essential part of taking good care of your skin. I was very happy to discover this product, an exfoliator that isn't for your face but for your body. I have wanted something like this for a very long time. If you have rough skin then regular use of this will definitely help you achieve smoother. It may feel harsh at first but it does feel like its working and if your skin can stand it then you should definitely use it.

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Balm
Currently I have two of these. I love it, it's probably my second favourite lush smell. I use this weekly and should probably use it daily but rarely remember. I use it as if it were a body moisturiser, applying just a layer. It really does leave your skin smelling and feeling so nice.  I like the look of the rest of the massage balms on the lush website and would be excited to use those too.

Pumice Powder Foat Soap
I was skeptical at first as to whether I would actually like this product, especially as it is something for your feet, an area of your body that is rarely noticed. Also products intended to be abrasive to your feet often need a lot of pressure applied in order to actually work. I felt like, with this fact in mind, this product would be almost all used up in after one go. Surprisingly this went far better than anticipated. Hardly any was used in one go and it did work. It is gentle, not tickly and leaves you with very smooth feet.

Each Peach (and Two's a Pear!) Massage Balm
This is my favourite smell in lush, the very top of the top. It smells amazing like a citrus fruit and I consider it to be like the strawberry scented one, in the sense that I use it as if it were a body moisturiser that isn't cold to apply at all. I replace it once used and I have raved about this before on my blog. It is the best.

Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil
My sister and I had mixed experiences concerning this product, hers better than mine. The contrast between our two tales is surprising, considering we both got the same thing from the same store. She found that once dropped in the bath, glitter spiraled out everywhere turning the bath a magical pink colour. Personally when I opened the packet my initial reaction was disappointment. It looked to me to be some sort of greasy play-dough. Putting it in the bath was a little more exciting admittedly but I didn't find it did much besides turn the bath water a pale, not so glittery pink. The smell was very good just like everything else in lush but, I wasn't blown away by this particular bath oil. Unless a pink bath is on the bucket list, this is not really something I'd recommend.

MMMelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil
I really, really loved the smell of this. I think it could be described as small but powerful. After dropping it into my bath my skin was so smooth the following day. I'd just run my hand over my arm and it would feel so polished even though it wasn't applied directly to that area. The smell is heavenly, marshmallow scented things always seems so perfect.


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