Saturday 25 February 2017

A Very Eventful London Trip

There were nine of us going on this day out together, including my parents, my boyfriend, my sisters and their friends. Everyone slept over the night before so we could leave at six-thirty the following morning. It all went to plan, at least to begin with and I did have a very good day. We all separated into our own little groups and went off to do what we wanted to. Matt, Pia, Guy and I went first to The Clink Prison Museum which was interesting but also very horrific, where we tied up Guy to the torture chair and left him for ages before coming back to get him. Afterwards we separated. Matt and I went to Borough Market, The Tate Modern and then got the tube to Chinatown where we explored the supermarkets, ate spring rolls and rice, and bought a Chinese lantern. At the end of the day everyone met for lunch at Pizza Express. 

What made the trip eventful was that when we were on the tube back to Euston, one stop before, it was announced that Euston was closed due to Storm Dorris. There was a stunned silence before half of the tube carriages sprung into action and swarmed towards the exits. Once outside we decided that the best plan was to stay in a youth hostel overnight... all nine off us. So back on the tube we went, only this time in the opposite direction. One of the best parts about this was that we all stopped in Primark and got matching pink pajamas. When we got back to the youth hostel everyone would take turns to go into the bathroom and get changed, emerging to cheers and applause when they came out in their pink shirts and heart-printed bottoms. I'd like to remind you that, regardless of gender, we all wore this identical outfit. Guy, my sister's best friend, had been uttering protests during our trip to Primark so, when he emerged clad in pink hearts with his trainers still on, waving his hands in the air as he exited our minuscule bathroom, we all applauded like hooligans. We waved and clapped our hands in the air, rattled the bunk beds and yelled. Breakfast the next day was great also, overall everyone had so much fun camping together on this spontaneous trip.

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