Saturday, 10 February 2018

A Mini Lush Review

Although the whole world is probably very, very familiar with the contents of a 'Lush' shop, the vast variety of heavenly-scented products can sometimes be overwhelming. I know that I, myself, have walked into one of their stores many times and been at a loss as to where to begin. Therefore I have decided to pick out my favourite three products this month and share them with you, to save you trawling through three million different bath bombs and balms.

For those that read my Blog frequently, you will no doubt have come across this particular massage bar before. The 'Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) Massage Bar' maintains it's year-long place in my beauty bag thanks to its moisturising and energising properties. As a huge fan of citrus scents, I adore the combination of lime, mandarin, grapefruit and sweet wild orange. This concoction of oils I find to have an uplifting effect, perfect for applying after a shower to get you ready for your day.

Besides moisturising, exfoliation is another method successfully used to obtain smooth skin. The 'Pumice Powder Foot Soap' rubs away that second layer of dry skin on your feet, to leave a smooth finish. For my own feet I personally prefer a harsher exfoliator, however many people will view the soft feeling of this soap to be an advantage. The orange scent leaves your feet feeling refreshed and a noticeable difference is identifiable after a few uses. 

Although I have remained unquestionably loyal to my 'Each Peach' massage bar for years, I cannot deny that this 'Scrubee' Body Butter is extremely close to taking its place at number one. It is fairly new to 'Lush' and I highly recommend you try it out. The smell is the thing I feel obliged to mention first. It has an overall sweetness (good enough to eat) with an underlying honey fragrance. The effect is divine. You apply it to wet skin when in the shower and not only does it moisturise, it exfoliates too. I love how you can feel the grains against your skin, because then you can tell it is working properly. Unlike most bath products which seem to leave your skin as you leave the water, this keeps you feeling silky smooth all day.

Which Lush products should I try out next?