Sunday 7 January 2018

Kitesurfing in Montenegro

This journey actually began with us being deported from Montenegro, having had to turn around and leave at the border because we did not have the original documents for the car. We then drove all the way back to Dubrovnik where we had been already very early that morning, dropping off my friend Matt at the airport. Over breakfast the decision was made to rent a car for a couple of days and attempt to cross the border once more. So, as a family of five with dog, in a foreign car on the backroads, we tried once more.

Montenegro is perhaps most known for being the setting for a part of Casino Royale. Despite this, the reality upon entering was far from that glamourous image. Even though it was very beautiful, it seemed as if things were developing all over the place but with no real plan or thought out infrastructure. Being in Croatia less than an hour previously really emphasised the difference that being in the EU makes to a country. Thankfully we had a surfing destination in mind so stayed in a more remote village, far from the chaos we had driven through that morning. Although we actually did very little kitesurfing, I enjoyed the beach and walking around Kotor. The best bit was going to a kite beach near Ulcijn where we were familiar with the owner of a company called Kiteloop. There, we enjoyed the friendly chilled out atmosphere. My advice for visiting Montenegro would be to plan your itinerary in advance, reading reviews online, particularly those mentioning how crowded places are, before visiting. It is a country with potential for a lovely holiday.


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