Friday 22 May 2015

Ideas for a Vegetarian Breakfast

I have always been vegetarian and not once in living memory can I remember intentionally eating meat. I don't have any belief or anything behind what I choose to eat; I was just given a choice from an early age and I chose not to. Many of my friends have also decided to become vegetarian recently so I thought a post along these lines could be helpful to several people. Here I have given several examples of vegetarian breakfasts I enjoy and that you may want to try out. If you know me you should know that me, cooking or any complicated recipe of any sort doesn't end up very well. By that I mean explosions tend to take place. Therefor you are bound to find these little ideas very easy to do indeed. You don't need any advanced skills or equipment to make these three things and they can be easily made in the morning if you provide yourself with a little bit of time to do so. If I can get to grips with them, then It is likely that everyone else will be able to do it with both their hands tied.

Idea 1: Smoothie and Granola
I had to put my favourite one first. This tastes amazing when done correctly. For this you will need plain yogurt, granola, cashew nuts, a packet of frozen berries and orange juice (natural is best).

For the smoothie there isn't a particular proportion or direction you need to follow - you just make it how you prefer it. To start with add the berries and orange juice together, adding small amounts of yogurt to the blender when you think the consistency is good. Do not take the lid off whilst the blender is on because trust me, you do not want to be the person that makes that mistake. Just experiment with the smoothie by adding little bits at a time and tasting it as you go. Then you simply put it in a bowl, add the granola and cashew nuts and stir together before eating.

Idea 2: Rice Cakes, Scrambled egg & Shoots
Again this one is super easy. This is the one that can fill me up until way past lunch time. Two eggs should be more than enough for one person so you need to simply whisk them together in a bowl with a fork. I use a non-stick pan for this but, a frying pan coated with a thin layer of sunflower oil is fine. You need to turn the hob on, add the eggs and then stir so that they do not stick and burn. Ensure that they are not too slimy before taking it off the heat and applying to the rice cakes. This next part is optional: add about a teaspoon of Good Oil Hemp Seed Oil evenly over the top of the eggs then apply a handful of lentil and bean shoots and quinoa sprout mix to finish.

Idea 3: Fruit Salad & Seeds
This is the most simple one of all but I also find it to be the most time consuming. If you have very minimal time in the morning then the last two ideas may be better for you. If you have time to chop up fruit into smaller pieces then you're pretty much already there. Admittedly this one isn't my favourite of the three to make but I still quite like it. You could include a whole range of fruit (excluding tomatoes) and try lots of different combinations to get different tastes. Usually I go for strawberries, oranges, banana, pineapple and a melon of some sort and I top it with whatever seeds I can find and on occasion I also add plain yogurt too.

I source most of these ingredients at Sainsbury's so if you are unsure as to what some things are, they should be available there. My final word of advice would please be careful when making any of these things, I don't want to be responsible for someone burning themselves or chopping their fingers off.

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