Tuesday 2 December 2014

Fearne Cotton Nail Varnish ǀ Review

For me, and I am sure that this is the case for many other people, doing your nails can more than often feel like a bit of a chore. It is irritating sometimes, that nails can be such a significant part of your appearance and are now an important consideration when aiming to presenting yourself for a party, interview or really any formal situation. I love to have my nails looking pretty but I rarely have the time or the patience for it. Usually I get most impatient when I can't pull up my tights for twenty minutes and then I begin to question whether it is worth it at all.

Unlike so many of the other drugstore nail varnishes I have trailed, Fearne Cotton's is my favourite, purely because I find it so much less hassle to apply. There is no major, stand-out difference between this nail varnish and others, however I do find that very few coats are needed in order for the colour to be bright and opaque. The thicker brushes from each bottle spread out nicely so the nail is coated quickly and easily. It also has a short drying time.

One thing I do admire is the shades. They are each so different to the next so within each set you get a variety, some shimmery and the rest block colours. I found that the shimmery ones were a little less effortless to apply than the others but required more coats. I do find them to look pretty once done though, the way they reflect the light is very eye-catching. Personally, I would say they are worth the price if you are looking for a nice addition to your nail varnish collection or even for a gift for someone else.

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